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          Suggestions for the development of coating production line
          date:2020-08-18 15:56:53

                 China's coating production line equipment has been continuously developed since the 1970s, especially after the reform and opening up, but it is basically in a "spontaneous" state. Domestic coating equipment does not meet the market demand, and many key spraying equipment are still imported For more. It is estimated that there are more than thousands of existing coating production lines in China, and hundreds of new production lines are to be invested each year. The annual investment in the country is about 1 billion yuan, and foreign sales of products and joint ventures account for 30%-40 %; The total number of coating equipment factories in China is about 1,000, and the types of domestic products now cover almost all sectors of the coating industry. The development prospect of our country's coating production line is very attractive, but there are indeed many problems in the development, so the following suggestions are proposed for discussion.
                Pay attention to the training of painting professionals. Colleges and universities should set up relevant majors according to market demand; strengthen the training of existing personnel to improve technical quality; strengthen investment in the development of coating production line technology, eliminate the fittest in coating production line manufacturing companies, and establish a modern coating industry management system.
                Due to the proportion of the coating production line in the national economy and the role it plays, it is necessary to create necessary public opinion to attract the attention of national functional departments and industry management departments, carry out necessary macro planning and professional guidance, and to develop the industry Give the necessary support.
                Establish a national coating industry information network as soon as possible, improve coating quality and strengthen technical exchanges, organize and coordinate visits, seminars, digestion, absorption, and innovation of imported projects, and work together for the localization of coating equipment.
                Strengthen the management of coating safety technology, implement the relevant national standards of the coating operation safety regulations, recommend the implementation of the coating production line design and manufacturing license system, improve and perfect safety protection measures, ensure production safety, personnel safety, and meet environmental protection requirements.
                Adopt new technologies, promote the use of new coatings, and actively carry out technical transformations on the original technically backward coating production lines, change the non-standard design and production of the coating production line equipment to standardized and serialized design and production, and improve the coating production line equipment Technical level and production level. Adopt new technology, new equipment, new materials, actively adopt energy-saving measures, adopt online testing, promote the application of computers in the coating production line, improve the mechanization and automation level of the production line, improve the anti-corrosion and decoration quality of the painted workpiece, and ensure the coating Install the quality of the production line equipment.
               Occupying the market requires careful planning, marketing, and service. Scientific management, advanced technology, and excellent service are required. The design and manufacturing units of the coating industry must work together to strengthen cooperation and better serve users. .
          It is us to produce a coating production line with compact structure, reliability, high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, low maintenance requirements and long service life, and to use qualified coating production lines to produce excellent, qualified coatings that meet the requirements of corrosion protection and decoration. The goal. We must continue to research and develop coating equipment to ensure continuous improvement of the technology of the coating production line, strive for a leading position, and make due contributions to the development of my country's coating industry.

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