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          Preliminary preparation for spraying equipment is also very important
          date:2020-08-18 15:56:25

          The spraying equipment should pay attention to the following before the formal work:
             1. Avoid generating static sparks, and all airless spraying equipment should be well grounded.
             2. The sprayed paint should be filtered first, and the filter screen should be selected according to the viscosity and particle size of the paint. If the filter is too fine, the paint will not pass through easily, and if the filter is too thick, the spray gun will be easily blocked.
             3. In order to reduce the possibility of pollution caused by the compressor, the air compressor should be as far away from the spraying site as possible.
             4. The compressed air from the air pressure is filtered and then enters the spray equipment, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the pneumatic system.
             5. The outlet pipe and the inlet pipe mouth should comply with the regulations in the manual in order to maintain sufficient air intake.
             6. The capacity of the air compressor provided by the user should meet the air consumption of the machine specified in the manual, and should be as large as possible than the consumption.
             Because spraying work, unlike other jobs that can be reworked, once the color of the spraying is determined, it can only continue. Therefore, you must pay great attention to the preliminary work in order to smooth the flow in the subsequent work.
             Preliminary work is so important. When anyone is doing anything, the preparatory work takes a lot of time, but the preliminary work is ready and a good pavement has been made for the following things. Things can be completed smoothly from the start.

          The spraying equipment is also the same, as long as the preliminary work is complete, in the spraying process, adequate preparation will directly affect the quality of the spraying.

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