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          The use principle of electrophoretic coating pickling solution
          date:2020-08-18 15:55:56

                Electrophoretic coating pickling solution is usually made of inorganic acid plus quantitative retarder, gram preparation or surfactant and other coating agents. Their function and disposal effect are not only determined by the type of acid and the dominant acid in the process. Function, but also depends on the composition of this acid and its additives, its content in water, and the ratio between it.
                The most important point in the pickling principle is that hydrogen is generated when the acid interacts with iron, which causes the oxide scale on the surface of the metal substrate to fall off mechanically. The hydrogen has the positive effect of causing the oxide scale on the surface of the substrate to fall off. The quality of the metal makes the surface of the metal charged with hydrogen and makes the metal brittle. In order to reduce the damage of the "hydrogen embrittlement" to the substrate, a suitable retarder is added in the acid. The retarder can form a surface on the surface of the metal substrate. A layer of molecular film to hinder the further effect of acid, and then achieve the purpose of corrosion inhibition, the gram preparation has the function of suppressing the blow-off ratio of hydrogen and reducing the transpiration of acid mist. It participates in a certain amount of surfactant in the acid liquid. The lotion can be used to remove oil and rust in two layers.
          Benefits of the pickling method:
               The surface obtained after pickling is relatively flat and smooth, and people can only reduce the unit consumption of paint, and can advance the appearance quality of electrophoretic coating for surface flatness;
                When pickling, the lotion penetrates into every corner of the workpiece, so that the rust and greasy dirt can be completely and thoroughly cleaned. Just choose the lotion and its related parameters to get excellent control, and the quality of disposal can be easily guaranteed.

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