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          Production equipment capacity
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          Nuozheng Machinery has formulated a complete production management system and process, and set up a complete production organization to ensure the smooth operation of various processes and ensure the delivery of high-quality products to customers on time.

          When the sales department issues a production mission statement to the engineering department, it must provide a full set of equipment manufacturing drawings and manufacturing budget at the same time, put forward clear requirements on the progress, quality, cost and safety of the production tasks, and supervise the whole process.

          According to different manufacturing majors, the engineering department assigns production tasks to the purchasing department, electrical department, sheet metal workshop, precision workshop, and assembly workshop, and requires each workshop to complete production tasks in accordance with the schedule, quality, cost and safety requirements.

          Each workshop distributes production tasks to each work team according to the product category. The proficient skills and advanced production equipment of the technical workers in each team provide a reliable guarantee for the product quality. All products are manufactured in sections within the company to minimize the amount of on-site production and shorten the construction period for on-site installation, so as to facilitate the cleanliness and efficient management of the installation site.

          The quality department strictly controls the quality of all materials and accessories, and at the same time conducts full quality monitoring of the company's manufacturing quality, on-site installation quality and debugging effects.

                 Production Process

                              Electrical workshop

                               Sheet metal workshop

                                 Assembly workshop

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