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          Group Overview
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          Dongguan NuoZ Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

                 Dongguan Norzheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which is famous for its "cultural city", "science and technology pioneer" and "world factory". It has been committed to the integration of research and development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and service of hardware pretreatment technology and painting equipment. It has been 16 years since the successful manufacture of the turnkey of spraying equipment for large-scale hardware/plastic products factory. With engineering experience, the company has developed into a modern enterprise specializing in the production of painting equipment in the whole plant in China, and has the original R&D, practice and production base of Noxin Painting Equipment Co., Ltd.

          The company has a professional R&D base and manufacturing plant, complete advanced precision production equipment, the introduction of high-tech professionals, the use of domestic well-known ERP management system, adhere to the endless product improvement activities, the pursuit of quality excellence, advanced production technology and scientific management concept of effective implementation, to achieve the leap in hardware and software Norzheng Machinery Division. Technology Group has developed into a new force in the painting industry.

          The company has always firmly believed that "science and technology" is the first productivity of the continuous improvement of enterprises, and "quality" is the basis of the continuous development of enterprises. Strict control of all aspects of design, manufacturing, production and installation ensures the quality of products after they are put into the market. We uphold the principle of "people-oriented, harmonious development", and use the most humanized concept to make progress with customers and develop in harmony with society. Professional R&D team, perfect service system, cohesion of a large number of hard-working Nozheng people, they with their own wisdom and hard-working hands to promote the sustainable development of the company, to ensure that each project is a smooth turnkey project, and the company to the top ten position in Guangdong painting equipment manufacturing industry, but also to promote the progress of the painting industry. New contributions. "Quality is the foundation, innovation is the source" Nozheng people will continue to work with you towards a new brilliance.

          "Urgent customer's needs, want customer's thoughts", regard each project as a work, follow one project, do a good job of a project, so that product quality assurance system and elite after-sales service are in line with the international market, achieve reliable, standardized and orderly operation, and win a wide range of markets with the advantages of quality, service and price. Over the years, it has provided high-quality supporting products and after-sales service for air conditioning, automobile, color TV, refrigerator, washing machine and all kinds of small household appliances, computers, mobile phones, IT industry and sports equipment industry in China, and won universal praise.

          In order to grasp the process requirements of products more comprehensively and improve the research and development of high-end equipment to better serve customers, the company joined "high-tech enterprises", "high-tech certificates", "international standard certificates", "a patent certificate for spraying manipulator line", "a patent certificate for spraying line device of reciprocating machine" and "a patent certificate for dust-free spraying line". "A Patent Certificate for Automatic Spraying Line Equipment" and so on. The company exerts all scientific research efforts and devotes itself to the development of high-tech painting equipment products. The research and development equipment is successfully applied to the high-tech and high value-added "double-high" painting equipment in the automotive parts painting industry, electronics and electrical industry, plastic polymer precision dust-free painting industry and so on. The market share has reached a new level.

          "The essence of high-tech equipment in Europe and America, and striving for the progress of the new national industry" is the company's consistent business philosophy. Customer loyalty, people-oriented, quality first class and reputation first are the fundamental principles for the company to win the majority of customers. Vigorously implement brand entrepreneurship, harmonious customer relationship and customer knowledge sharing, continuous improvement, research and development of better, more advanced high-tech spraying equipment to return the love of old and new customers to our company!

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          Mr. Chen:13929252287  Mr. Jiang:13824394870

          company address:No. 3, Xingmin Road, Xinmin Village, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

          work phone:0769-87087869

          company Fax:0769-87087868

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