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      BQWL200/31.5-XQ200/12crawler type high pressure water pump station
      • Outstanding Features

        1. The crawler chassis structure is adopted, which canmove on its own, with high degree of integration, compact structure. It canmove easily and operate efficiently with less work.

        2. Outputpressure 20Mpa, flow rate 200L/min.

        3. Prior to coalmining, this pump station shall be used to inject water into the coal seam toeffectively expel gas out of the seam, avoid fugitive dust and protect thehealth of workers. It is the ideal equipment for coal mining water injectionprocess.

        4. The pump station can also be used for the sprayingand dust prevention for all mining machinery and for the pump station equipmentof electric fan water cooling. It can also be used for the cleaning pump forvarious machines.

      • Technical Parameters


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