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      Legal Statement
      Thiswebsite is created and maintained by Henan Tiefulai Equipment and ManufacturingCo., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Tiefulai Company'). Anyone who accessesthis website, reads any content, downloads any materials from this website oruses the materials provided by this website shall agree to comply with thefollowing clauses. These clauses constitute an agreement between you andTiefulai Company. If you do not agree to comply with these clauses, do not usethis website. Tiefulai Company reserves the right to update the followingclauses at any time without notice, and these updates will also be binding onyou. Tiefulai Company has the right to refuse any user access to this websiteat any time and under any circumstances.
      TiefulaiCompany reserves the right to change, revise and update this statement at anytime.
      Tiefulai Company independently owns the copyrightin all the data on its websites or owns the copyright in relevant data on itswebsites jointly with relevant provider of such data. Without express writtenpermission of Tiefulai Company, for any content on this website, anyone shallnot copy or send hyperlinks.
      The domain name trademark, text, video and audiocontent, graphics and images contained in this website are protected by therelevant trademark and copyright laws. Without the express written permissionof Tiefulai Company, all information and contents on this website shall not bereproduced or transmitted in any form by enterprise or individual. Anyunauthorized use of this website will violate provisions ofCopyright Law of the People’s Republic ofChina, other laws and regulations and relevant international conventions.
      Forcontents contained on this website, we do not provide any express or impliedguarantees on the correctness, timeliness, effectiveness, stability,availability and non-infringement of rights of others of contents, do notguarantee the stability of the server, do not guarantee that this website canbe available for browsing, reading, copying and using at any time, do notguarantee theaccuracy or completeness of the text, graphics, materials, links, descriptions,statements or other matters contained in the contents of the website, and donot guarantee that there are no errors in printing, copying or other input ofthe contents of the website. Tiefulai Company may change the content of thiswebsite at any time without notice.
      The risks and consequences of users using the servicesof this website will be borne by themselves. In any case, the website does not need to bear anylegal liability for any direct, indirect, incidental and third-party losses(including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of information and data,damage to property, etc.) caused by the use of the contents of this website orinability to enter this website.
      Ifthe service of this website is suspended due to line, hardware failure, systemmaintenance, system upgrade or other force majeure, this website will notassume any responsibility for any inconvenience and loss caused during thesuspension of service.
      This website does not assumeany responsibility for computer hacker attacks, computer virus invasion, damageto hardware facilities, or personal data disclosure, loss, embezzlement ortampering due to government actions and judicial mandatory requirements.
      Website Reply and Responsibility
      Pleasenote that information or replies sent by visitors to this website will not bekept confidential. Atthe same time, this website does not assume any responsibility for any problemsarising from the reply.
      Ifthere is any criminal or civil dispute arising from the visit to the publishedcontent, the publisher shall bear the criminal, civil or economic legalliability. At the same time, this website has the right to claim compensationfor any losses caused by the publisher’s above illegal acts.
      Theoperation and management of this website are governed by the laws of thePeople’s Republic of China. The laws of the People’s Republic of China shallapply to all disputes concerning this website and its statements. For issues not covered in this statement, please referto the relevant national laws and regulations as well as relevant rules andregulations. In case of conflict between this statement and the national lawsand regulations, the national laws and regulations shall prevail. Visitors who logon to this website by any means or use the information of this website directlyor indirectly are deemed to have voluntarily accepted the restrictions statedon this website.
      Theright to interpret this statement and the use of this website is owned byTiefulai Company.


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