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      Social Recruitment
      • JobName ReportTime workplace JobNum Salary
      • Job responsibilities:
        1. Implement the company's manufacturing process, process parameters and product standards;
        2. Supervise and inspect post operators to execute process flow, process parameters and product standards;
        3. Optimize the process flow to solve the problems of process and technology in the production site.
        4. Check the process execution of each process and make a good record, make necessary research on the existing production technology and put forward suggestions for improvement.
        5. Responsible for completing the trial production report and process analysis report of the product;
        6. Responsible for staff production process training and skill appraisal.
        1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in mechanical engineering;
        Over 2 or 2 years working experience in process technology, preferred for foreign enterprises.
        3. Master IE, SPC, FMEA and other commonly used process engineering methods and tools, familiar with production technology, product performance, product structure, rich project development experience, strong team awareness;
        4. Ability to read, interpret and use various technical documents and instructions, to solve on-site faults, to conduct statistical investigation and analysis, and to discover, find and solve problems;
        5. Be responsible and able to bear hardships and stand hard work.
      • Quality Engineer 2019-02-08
        Job responsibilities:
        1. Responsible for the warehousing inspection of raw materials and purchased products; Responsible for the warehousing inspection and finished product inspection of the company's products; Assess the unqualified products, and deal with the unqualified products according to the handling methods of the unqualified products.
        2. Responsible for the management, verification and management of product qualification; responsible for the audit of technical documents, technical agreements, product labels and other documents; responsible for the calibration and management of various inspection instruments in the company.
        3. Be responsible for the control and improvement of quality management plan, quality activities, inspection supervision and inspection, non-conforming products, etc.
        1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical manufacturing, quality management, etc.
        More than 2 or 3 years experience in mechanical industry and 2 years experience in quality management
        3. Knowledge of quality management, quality system construction, application of quality management tools and basic computer knowledge
        4. Have leadership, organizational, interpersonal, communication and planning and execution skills.
        5. Engineer or above, familiar with ISO9000 or TS16949 quality management system, skilled in QC seven tools, can find improvement points from basic quality statistics, analysis and monitoring the progress of quality improvement plan. Ability to guide inspectors to use all kinds of measuring instruments. Experience in equipment manufacturing company is preferred.
      • Mechanical Engineer 2019-02-14
        Job responsibilities:
        1. To be responsible for the overall plan of equipment for new projects and to organize the implementation of technical plans for new projects;
        2. Formulate the industrial test plan for new equipment, determine the site and process of industrial test, test cycle and test participants;
        3. Be responsible for the problem statistics of the new equipment test stage and optimize the design.
        4. Make the improvement and optimization plan through the problems existing in the use of the equipment feedback from the market.
        5. Assist business departments to complete technical agreements, cost accounting, business orders and other ancillary work.
        1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design and automation, more than 3 years experience in mechanical structure design, experience in coal mine equipment design and manufacture is preferred;
        2. Professional drawing software such as CAD/Solidwork/Proe, familiar with conventional mechanical mechanism, principle, mechanical processing technology and other related knowledge;
        3. Be able to independently compile all kinds of data such as new equipment project evaluation, implementation plan, design drawings, BOM, assembly drawings, gas path drawings, etc.
        4. Familiar with the selection of hydraulic components such as explosion-proof motors, pumps, valves, motors, and familiar with the structural design of crawlers, guideways, connecting rods, etc.
        5. Strong motivation and learning spirit, able to face technical challenges.
      • Job responsibilities:
        1. Tracking docking company involves legal work;
        2. Be responsible for the general manager's schedule and follow-up of management affairs.
        3. Acting General Manager receives documents to be audited and conveys audited documents or opinions;
        4. Assist the General Manager to receive visitors;
        5. Documents and archives management to complete other tasks assigned by the General Manager.
        1. Business Administration, Secretariat, Law and other related majors
        2. Familiar with the laws and regulations of the industry and related business knowledge, skilled use of office software
        3. Strong adaptability, expressive ability, interpersonal communication ability, communication ability, planning and execution ability.
      • Job responsibilities:
        1. Implement marketing promotion, brand, public relations and activities in accordance with the company's strategic market planning.
        2. Collect, summarize and analyze the latest information of peers, industry and competitors regularly to form market trend analysis report.
        3. Assist the company to formulate reasonable marketing policies through data analysis, and provide reasonable suggestions for R&D.
        1. Under 40 years old, college degree or above, major in marketing, management, statistics, etc.
        2. Diligent, enterprising, with strong sense of execution and teamwork;
        3. Have relevant knowledge of market research and statistical analysis, good logical thinking ability;
        4. More than 2-3 years working experience in the field of city survey consultation or research.
      • Responsibilities

        1. Responsible for the company's market strategic planning, formulate the company's overall market work plan, put forward specific directions and implementation plans in marketing, brand, public relations, activities, etc.
        2. Establish perfect market work flow and system norms, organize and supervise the implementation of annual marketing plan;
        3. Conduct Market Research and analysis, study the development of peers and industry, conduct market forecast and intelligence analysis regularly, and provide basis for company decision-making.
        4. Formulating the company's overall public relations strategy and crisis public relations response;
        5. Establish the budget of marketing promotion expenses and the overall financial budget of the marketing department for the whole year, control and improve the incentive assessment system;
        6. Manage the market team and train and guide the team members and relevant departments.
        1. Bachelor degree or above in marketing management or related major;
        2. Five-year marketing experience, more than three years as a marketing director in relevant enterprises, with a working background in the machinery and equipment industry, and a profound understanding of the development of this field;
        3. Strong planning ability, familiar with all kinds of media operation, and successful experience in promoting large-scale marketing activities;
        4. Sensitive business and market awareness, strong ability to analyze and solve problems, excellent ability to integrate resources and business promotion;
        5. Good communication and cooperation skills and rich team building experience.



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