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      After-salesservice response

      1. Equipment failure information fed back byusers: respond within 2 hours if recovery can be guided by phone. If we have tosend technical personnel to solve the problem, they will arrive at thedesignated place within 8 hours in Henan province and within 24 hours in otherregions for maintenance. Service time: 7×24 hours.

      2.Guarantee measures: The Company has set up a professional after-sales servicecenter for users, and has strong technical support for product development andwell-equipped testing and inspection devices. In order to ensure the quality ofafter-sales service and quick response capability, more than 10 engineers andtechnical personnel with high technical level and on-site experience areequipped.

      Contact information

      24Hservice hotline:400-086-8650

      Tel.: 0375-7092993

      Fax: 0375-2608088

      CompanyAddress: West Road, Industrial Park, Xinhua District, Pingdingshan City, HenanProvince

      Companywebsite: www .tflzg.comE-mail: vip@tflzg.com

      Complaints and suggestions

      If you have any complaints orsuggestions about our products and services, you can call our service phone400-086-8650 and 0375-2608177 to make complaints, and we will give you asatisfactory reply within 24 hours.


      Fax: 0375-6518911
      Sales Phone:0375-6518955
      Address: Xingbao Road, Industrial Agglomeration Area, Baofeng County, Henan Province

      Contact Us

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