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      Speech from the Chairman:

      Welcometo visit the website of Henan Tiefulai Equipment and Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

      TiefulaiCompany was established in 2003. For 15 years, Tiefulai has always adhered tothe core business philosophy of ‘being anxious for coal mines and thinking ofcoal mines’. It has adhered to the corporate values of ‘gratitude, struggle,innovation and win-win’. Tiefulai has made great progress and made greatefforts to innovate. It has developed from a small company with dozens ofpeople to a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development,production and sales. It has become a leader in the domestic coal mine outburstprevention drilling equipment industry. In May 2016, our company was officiallylisted in the National Stock Exchange Center (securities code 837575) and hasbecome a public company. While achieving continuous development, we activelyfulfill our corporate social responsibility, enthusiastically participate inpublic welfare undertakings, and have made outstanding contributions infighting natural disasters, supporting education, assisting vulnerable groupsand promoting social harmony.
      Along the way, we are deeply grateful to theleaders and departments at all levels who have been caring for and supportingus for many years, to the old and new customers and friends who have alwaysgiven us trust and support, and to all the colleagues of the Company who havecherished common ideals and walked all the way. It is because of your supportand love that Tiefulai has achieved success today.

      Allthese achievements only belong to the past. In the future, we will continue tofocus on coal mine safety, consolidate the core advantages of enterprise,continue to strengthen technical innovation, create better quality products,build our own brands and channels, use our products to make miners happier andsafer, repay the society with excellent operating results, and contribute tothe scientific and technological progress of coal mine safety and realizing theChinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


      July 10,2017


      Fax: 0375-6518911
      Sales Phone:0375-6518955
      Address: Xingbao Road, Industrial Agglomeration Area, Baofeng County, Henan Province

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